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To get the best bank for your buck, find reliable yet affordable roofing companies near me Katy, TX. A lot of times, people would choose the more inexpensive option but miss out on the level of quality. With Adams Roofing, you can get top-quality roof repair or replacement at an affordable price.

On average, your roof should last around 20 to 50 years. Depending on how well-maintained the roof is, it will land on the higher end of the longevity spectrum. In reality, most homeowners will need at least one roof repair before the 20 years is up. If you’ve had to get multiple repairs even without inclement weather, it’s probably time to find a roof replacement.

As one of the roofing companies near me Katy, TX that the community trusts, we’re here for you. We’ve served numerous homeowners and business owners across Katy in the past, and we’ll continue to do so. Call us or visit today to find out what steps we can take to make your roof shine again.

roofing companies near me Katy, TX

Adams Roofing has a team of reliable technicians to deliver the roof of your dreams.

Roofing Companies Near Me Katy, TX Can Address A Lot Of Problems

If you’re looking to increase the value of your property or freshen up the exterior, we have options. Adams Roofing is a roofing companies near me that can help you with roof replacements, new roof constructions, roof repairs, and maintenance. No matter what style or color you’re trying to achieve, our roofing experts will be able to deliver them.

According to Zillow, a roof replacement with asphalt shingles can boost your property value by close to $20,000. This is an especially important remodeling project for those looking to resell their property. The reason is that during your selling process, you’ll get fewer offers, lowered offer prices, and a longer sale process.

roofing companies near me Katy, TX

Find reliable roofing companies near me Katy, TX to do the work. The more trustworthy the roofing company, the better their quality of work.

The more prepared you are about highlighting the selling points of your home, the more prepared you are during the sales negotiation process.

For your residential roofing, start by identifying what level of damage your roof currently has. Some common signs of observable roof damage from the inside of the house include:

  • Leaking
  • Water damage on the ceiling
  • Unusual sounds
  • Peeling paint or wallpaper
  • Cracks in the structure

Once you notice any of the mentioned signs of damage, it’s important that you call trusted roofing companies near me. With our roof inspection service, our team of roofing technicians will start by surveying the perimeter of your home. We’ll look at the windows, window screens, walls, and other parts of your house to identify the health condition of your roof. Any discoloration or water damage on the outside walls can give us some clues.

After the initial walkthrough, we’ll look deeper into the roof on top. Our technicians will examine the chimney, skylights, and surrounding parts for any signs of missing or damaged shingles. Any cracks, water damage, and missing pieces will be recorded as big threats to the condition of your home.

Based on the result of the roof inspection, we’ll suggest either a roof repair or replacement. Despite whichever service our professional technicians suggest, your opinion will always be our priority.

The Roofing Companies Near Me For Your Business

Running a business can be hard work, especially when you have to worry about remodeling as well. Your company’s outward appearance will give anyone a lasting impression, regardless of the quality of your services or products. It’s important to have your business roofing and property well-maintained to attract new customers.

Depending on the products and services of your business, different material and style of roofing will be suggested. It’s important to find the most suitable type to enhance the uniqueness of your business and protect the products you sell.

Some of the most common commercial roofing materials are:

  • Metal Roofing: The average lifespan of metal roofing is around 40 to 06 years. It is extremely durable, with a variety of copper, stainless steel, and galvanized steel metals. With its sturdy exterior, it can even sustain fire. A protective layer is applied to protect the roofing from corrosion.
  • Built-Up Roofing (BUR) Membrane: With layers of tar and gravel, the built-up roof has a lifespan of around 20 years. Although it has the shortest lifespan, it is incredibly UV-resistant.
  • Green Roofing: To create a nice spot for greeneries in your company, consider green roofing. A rooftop greenhouse not only serves as a relaxing space for customers and employees, but they also improve the air quality. With proper care, they can last up to 30-50 years.
  • Spray-On Roofing: The material used to create this roofing is called Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF); it starts off as a liquid spray and transforms into a solid layer. It is waterproof and can sustain all weather. With only one or two maintenance inspections a year, they can last up to 50 years. The only downside is their small installation window.
  • Thermoset EPDM Roof Membrane: Although it’s not visually appealing, EPDM roofing is pretty resistant to sunlight and pollution. However, it does have trouble sustaining heavy weight and can be punctured easily.

    roofing companies near me Katy, TX

    Like how you would maintain your car, it’s important to do the same for your roof. Find a trusted roofing company to complete your roof repairs.

  • Shingle Roofing: With shingle roofing, your business will blend in perfectly with residential communities. It has an okay lifespan and can be highly affordable. Shingles are highly versatile and can be built with asphalt, plastic, ceramic, and other materials.

Adams Roofing Provides Excellent Transformations

Our roof replacements and repairs are great for their price and quality, making a perfect investment project. Whether it’s residential or commercial, we’ve been successful with completing fantastic transformations on properties. Feel free to look through our photo gallery and examine the variety of our work. Each piece of shingle is perfectly placed and provides a great birds-eye view.

Confide in Adams Roofing as one of the most perfect roofing companies near me Katy, TX.

Katy, TX Fun Facts

  • The city was formally incorporated in 1945.
  • In its early years, Katy used to be known as the “Cane Island.”
  • Other than rice farming, the city was also famous for its cotton and peanut production.