Adams Roofing is the most reliable source for a satisfying roof replacement Cypress, TX experience. Our team of professional roofing experts has the most incredible work ethic and high integrity to deliver the installation you deserve.

Conveniently located in the Greater Houston area, Adams Roofing has a lot of experience working with both residential and commercial properties. We’re able to work with you to find the perfect installation date to fit your schedule. Call us or visit today to get a free quote right away.

Our Fantastic Services

roof replacement Cypress, TX

The perfect roof replacement Cypress, TX is able to service all roof types.

Whether you are looking for a roof replacement for your home or company, we have the experience to work with any roofing shape and material. Our services include roof replacements, new roof constructions, roof repairs, and maintenance.

Residential roofing and commercial roofing will have different service packages. Different materials will also be provided based on the structural difference between the two.

Residential Roofing

It is very common for homeowners to seek out roofing services in the Greater Houston area. Repairs and roof replacements are frequently needed with unpredictable weather and harsh climate conditions. It’s best to find an experienced team of roof experts at the first signs of roof damage.

A bad installation job can bring more harm than good. If a roofing company incorrectly installs your roof shingles, it could lead to significant gaps and spaces between pieces. These gaps can cause your shingles to fly off after a storm. To make sure this type of damage does not occur, turn to a trusted roofing company from the start.

Commercial Roofing

No matter the scale of your business building, Adams Roofing will be able to handle it. While most commercial roof designs are flat, some can have more complicated shapes. It may include slopes, curves, and penetrations. All of these require experienced professionals to ensure a perfect installation.

The most commonly used materials for commercial roofs are:

  • Metal Roofing
  • Built-Up Roofing (BUR) Membrane
  • Green Roofing
  • Spray-On Roofing
  • Thermoset EPDM Roof Membrane
  • Shingle Roofing

Process of Our Roof Replacement Cypress, TX

On average, most Houston roofs will last around 20 years before they need to be replaced. Some will need a roof replacement Cypress, TX before the 20 years is up, and some can hold off for one or two more years. Some tell-tale signs for a roof replacement include:

roof replacement Cypress, TX

With quality installation, your new roof will last over 20 years.

  • Water damage
  • Leaking
  • Popping and cracking noises
  • Peeling paint or wallpaper
  • Cracks in the structure
  • Sagging or buckling walls

Depending on these signs’ severity, you might need more repair work than just a roof replacement. For less noticeable damages, people might opt for a roof repair rather than replacing the whole thing. Because the problem may just be a minor patch of your roof.

It’s possible that you are still deciding between repair work or a complete roof replacement. Worry not; we have the technique and process to help you solidify your decision.

When you choose our roof inspection service, you’ll be able to find out the exact condition of your roof. Experienced professionals will start the inspection process by doing a thorough walkthrough around the perimeter of your property. We’ll look at the windows, window screens, AC unit, walls, and facia. These and many other factors can give us an insight into the condition of your roof.

If our roofing experts determine that you need a roof replacement, we’ll work with you to figure out the materials you want. Depending on your community or homeowners association (HOA) guidelines, you might have to use specific colors and materials. You can expect the following steps during the roof replacement process:

  1. Replacement materials will be delivered.
  2. A wall of protection will be set up around your property.
  3. Old roofing materials will be removed.
  4. New roofing materials will be installed.
  5. Everything will get properly cleaned up.
  6. A thorough inspection of our replacement work will be made.

    roof replacement Cypress, TX

    Our experts are dedicated to finding the best solution to address your roofing concerns. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have.

Why Adams Roofing?

Your roof is an extremely essential part of your property. It keeps everyone and everything in the house well-sheltered. Whether it’s caused by natural wear and tear or inclement weather conditions, a damaged roof can bring a lot of trouble. Not only would all your belongings be at risk of getting wet, but your family won’t be able to get a good night’s sleep either.

Most people would recommend against settling for a roofing company whose only quality is that they offer a slightly lower price. The number one determining factor for any repair or remodeling project is the quality of the company’s work. Some roofing companies may offer a lower price but has minimal experience working with people in the community. You won’t know what quality of work they can deliver.

What sets us apart from other companies is pretty clear. We have three amazing qualities that other companies have a hard time striving to maintain:

  • Perfect installation – We’ll ensure everything is perfect before, during, and after the installation. You’ll know your roof is perfectly installed when you check the flashing, look at the uniform appearance, a see our proper nailing techniques.
  • Reliable upgrades – Like everything else in the world, environmental factors can affect the condition of your roofs. With heavy rain and strong wind, your shingles are bound to start shifting. To prevent the damage from worsening, it’s best to start using reliable materials.
  • Upkeep & repair work – Everything on your property needs to be maintained at least once or twice in its lifetime. The same applies to your roof. With time, you’ll have to start finding proper repair work. We can provide an excellent overlay on the current roof or make other necessary changes. No matter what repair work you need, we’ll be able to deliver it.

Feel free to check out our photo gallery to see the fantastic transformation we’ve already completed. Adams Roofing is the perfect choice for any type of roof replacement Cypress, TX projects.

Harris County, Cypress, TX Fun Facts

  • The county was founded in 1836.
  • Harris County was named after John Richardson Harris, who founded the town of Harrisburg.
  • The county is home to over four million residents.